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Nata a Roma, Italia, nel 1971. Sua madre è un’artista pittrice, i suoi nonni sono stati: uno restauratore e l’altro decoratore e artista del legno. La sua pittura e vita è stata influenzata e formata da questo ambiente artistico in cui ha vissuto.
Nel 1990 si diploma presso l’Istituto Statale d’Arte Sacra per la decorazione e l’arredo della Chiesa di Roma, in metalli ed oreficeria.
Nel 1995 si laurea presso l’Accademia delle Belle Arti di Roma con specializzazione in Scenografia.

Più tardi ebbe l’occasione di intraprendere diversi viaggi, spingendosi fino in Alaska, studiando ambienti naturali e animali dai quali ha tratto alcune delle sue fonti di ispirazione.
Sempre affascinata dal mondo del fantastico e dei suoi abitanti, gnomi, folletti, elfi e creature magiche.
Oggi, grazie ai suoi bambini, è ritornata a sentire vicino questo universo incantato, lasciandosi coinvolgere da un suo nuovo stile pittorico, dedicandolo alle illustrazioni e ai colori non solo per i più piccini.


Born in 1971 in Rome, Italy, she comes from a family of artists: her mother is a painter and her two grandfathers were a furniture restorer and decorator/artist in wood.
Her painting technique was influenced by the artistic environment she lived in.
In 1990 she received her BA in the Istituto Statale d’Arte Sacra per la Decorazione e l’Arredo della Chiesa in Rome, with specialization in Metal Art and Goldsmith.
In 1995 she received her Degree in the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Rome, with specialization in Set Design.
Later on, after several trips that took her as far as to Alaska, she studied different natural environments and animal lives that became some of her sources of inspiration.
She has always been fascinated by the world of fantasy and its inhabitants: gnomes, goblins, elves and magical creatures.
At present, thanks to her kids, she has had the chance to live again from a closer perspective this magical universe, exploring a new painting style, focusing on the world of the children and its colors.




Nació en 1971 en Roma, Italia. Su madre es pintora y dos de sus abuelos fueron uno restaurador de muebles, y el otro decorador y artista de la madera. Su técnica pictórica y su vida están por lo tanto impregnadas de este ambiente artístico que la rodeó desde su primera infancia. En 1990 consiguió su bachillerato en el Istituto Statale d’Arte Sacra per la Decorazione e l’Arredo della Chiesa, en Roma, especializándose en Metales y Orfebrería. En 1995 se licenció en la Academia de Bellas Artes de Roma, especializándose en Escenografía. Ya más recientemente tuvo la ocasión de realizar varios viajes, entre los cuales uno a Alaska, donde pudo estudiar a fondo los paisajes y los animales que a día de hoy siguen siendo una de sus fuentes de inspiración. Desde siempre le apasiona el mundo de la fantasía y sus habitantes, como duendes, gnomos, elfos y demás criaturas mágicas. Actualmente, gracias a sus hijos, vuelve a vivir muy de cerca este universo fantástico, dejándose llevar por un nuevo estilo pictórico, que ella ha decidido volcar en las ilustraciones y los colores, dirigidos no solo a los más jóvenes



Alexia est née en 1971 à Rome, en Italie. Sa mère est elle-même artiste-peintre. Un de ses grands-pères était restaurateur, et l'autre décorateur et ébéniste. Son style et toute sa vie ont été influencés et se sont développés autour de cet héritage artistique.
En 1990, elle obtient son diplôme de l’Istituto Statale d’Arte Sacra per la Decorazione e l’Arredo della Chiesa di Roma, avec une spécialisation en métaux et orfèvrerie.
En 1995, elle obtient une maîtrise de l'Académie des Beaux-Arts de Rome, avec une spécialisation en mise en scène.
Plus tard, à l’occasion de plusieurs voyages jusqu'en Alaska, elle étudie la flore et la faune, ses sources d'inspiration, parmi d’autres.
Toujours fascinée par le monde fantastique et ses personnages, gnomes, lutins, elfes et créatures magiques.
Aujourd'hui, grâce à ses enfants, elle revit à nouveau cet univers enchanté, en se laissant séduire par un nouveau style pictural qu’elle met au service des illustrations et des couleurs, non seulement pour les plus petits.


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Fantastic atmospheres, pastel color, glitters and relief writings: this is Alexia Molino, Roman illustrator, born in 1971. She held exhibitions, for example, at the “Mostra dei 100 pittori in via Margutta” [Show of the 100 painters in via Margutta]- Eataly- and she’s getting ready for the one at Santa’s house in Nemi, for the event “Natale d’Arte a Nemi” [Art Christmas in Nemi].
She discovered art through her family, with a painter mother, and two grandfathers working in the fields of restoration and wood decoration. According to her vocation, she studied gold working at the school of Art, and scenic design at the School of Fine Arts in Rome. “I discovered painting by chance, I feel like Geppetto in a certain way, because everything has started from a piece of parquet in excess, left on the balcony”, Alexia said. And from that piece of wood her tales came alive, with glitters, colors and a great imagination.
She has carried on, and draws inspiration from the things that happen to her every single day. She tries to turn and express in painting emotions, sensations, “like the poet does with the pen”.
Her paintings are close to children for their colors and shapes, but they communicate things only experience of adult people can interpret. Besides, Alexia cares to remind that her paintings fit “the child we bring inside us”.
The aim of the artist-mum (Alexia has two children) is “taking people into the magical world I really would like it to exist “, a world created by Alexia thanks to the passion for shapes, colors and journeys. Among the many places she has visited, we remember Alaska, a journey from which she drew a lot of inspiration.
One of the most complex pictures is “Ai bambini mai nati” [To never born children]: she dedicated it to herself and to all the other women had the misfortune of losing their babies, at the same time. “In this painting I want to imagine all the “never born children” happy and smiling, still in the womb of the mother, always playing cheerfully, in an eternal child world.” Effectively, in the left side there is Alexia (every woman could see herself in it) hugging her children; on the other, an enchanted world, watched by the moon. Alexia doesn’t want to make her audience sad, even if there’s something gloomy in the eyes of the illustrated mother. She wants to create something able to make her feel good, and the others too. She wants to make people think, not the way adults do, but with the typical spontaneity and authenticity of children. What’s the advice of a mother-artist to her colleagues? “You always need to believe in what you do, even accepting all the doors shut straight to your face, but always carrying on with a smile on the lips, and in the heart. Like I always write on my works, “It’s forbidden to trample on dreams”.”

“In the morning, before the kids wake up, colors on paintings have a different light, it seems like the hours of night sleeping relaxed the drawings, a little sketched the evening before. These are the best colors of the day, it’s like you can have a soft conversation with them. Evening, instead, is the most creative moment; my children take part too, and with them ideas multiply, the characters seem to come alive.”

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This is a wonderful example of the surreal, abstract and often dreamlike artwork of contemporary artist Alexia Molino. It's so easy on the eye yet so hard to describe, almost like a Gecko with colourful friendly patterning and funky fixated pupils enmeshed in a disjointed yet coherent background. Step back and zoom out, at a distance it almost looks like stained glass design! It's so strange when attempting to describe the artwork of this artist. It's so vast and diverse in both style and content that one could almost consider her chameleon like, blending in so seamlessly yet capable of so much variety. Alexia Molino is someone whom we have noticed on for a while now and she has an extensive portfolio which has caught our attention and given us great pleasure in reviewing. This piece is greatly different from much of the work she exhibits on which demonstrates a mixture of magical, playful, dreamlike, landscapes with surreal and abstract figurines and settings. We've spent much pleasurable time looking at her work and deciding what to feature. Accepting the limitations of only being able to show one piece when there are a great so many to represent has led to a long and lengthy debate which oft delayed this award so really we leave this message: Go see her work now! Congratulations Alexia Molino you win, "Best Art of the Day" To view this painting in more detail click here. To view more work by this artist


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